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The problem of chess software is widely known. Engines like a Stockfish, Houdini Chess and many others – have become widely available, and any Internet user can install them on their computer or mobile device without any problem.

Websites for chess online, or – have long been trying to recognize which players are using “boosters”.

We are also aware of this. We have developed a similarly functioning algorithm, in which all parties are subject to a multi-stage verification. We are convinced that our ChessEngine 0.97 system will significantly improve the sense of security of our users.

We adopted the concept of marking, not removing players who used a chess engine. This approach allows you to be completely aware of whether a player wants to face a player who uses a computer program.

Users often only once use the above-mentioned engine to satisfy their curiosity – hence the labeling is maintained for about 30 days from the moment of registering as engine player. Each subsequent use of the engine restarts the tagging for the same period of time.

We have provided a tool for marking players with the “I do not like” symbol, in the list of logged in users they are marked with a “red circle”. Such a player can not send an invitation to the user who added it to the list. Unless the signage is removed – which is of course possible.

Chess players are people with iron logic and we think they will like the proposed solutions for free decision.

Anyone who feels unjustly affected by our labeling can make an appropriate complaint that we will carefully consider.



The chess engine is nothing but a computer program used by humans to perform the most optimal movement at a given moment of the game on the chessboard.

The problem is known around the world. Our analysts have worked for a long time to create the right algorithm. After each single game on our platform, it is thoroughly analyzed by our ChesShield system.

A player is immediately marked as a player who used a computer engine. We have carefully made sure that the signs are visible. Thanks to our instant analysis of the game, we are able to detect the game using a computer engine – soon after its completion.

If you are a user who does not want to play games with people who use engines, you can add them to the list “I do not like”. Thanks to that, you can avoid them with a wide arc.

Yes, we think that every player has the right to repair their mistakes. Our signage of a player who has used chess engine at least once appears on such user for about 30 days. After this time, the “motor player” mark disappears unless you use it again. The time is counted from the last detection of program usage.

If you think you have been flagged unfairly, please contact us using the contact form. Your complaint will be reviewed by our experts.

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