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Chess is a science about own mistakes.
Ksawery Tartakower


In ChessGold you can play a game of chess on the basic of the rules  of FIDE. After the create account and login, you can participate in the game in 3 different roles:

  • create games,
  • participant who joins to the created games for other players,
  • observer

To become an active user who has the right to play. You need to make a deposit which will be paid gratification opponents, who you won. On this account, of course, on this account, of course, you winnings are also collected. At any time you can request a withdrawal of your funds in the bank account. Member of the club who do not have their own deposit can only be an observer.
A player who is playing the role of a creator establishes basic rules of the game. Time and rate financial gratification. Each participant holding deposit can create or join a game of created by other users, and also has the ability to negotiate the rate and time of the game. After accepting the conditions of both parties begin play of the normal rules of chess.

Every player who joins our club receives 1200 ELO points. Every each game played by him causes the ELO points to increase or decrease according to the general rules of functioning of this ranking. In this way, after a few games, the next game will take place between club members who have different values of their ELO ranking. Our system performs simulations before the start of the game, which shows the value of points that he can gain or lose in a duel with the other player.

Example: if player A (1215 ELO points) fights the winning game with player B (1240 ELO points), according to the adopted algorithm, he will receive 21.2 ranking points. When a player sets of  1 USD for 1 point ELO difference, his account will be credited by 21.2 USD. The lowest rate
for 1 point ELO difference is 0.10 USD and the highest one results from financial regulations and can not cause a win higher than 400 USD in one game. The player can make a deposit of any amount.

Financial gratification takes place in ending the game with a victory in accordance with the rules applicable in generally available FIDE regulations (eg chessmate, lapse of playing time, etc.). A tie with no financial gratification is possible only if two players with identical ELO ranking points meet and a tie has been made according to the FIDE rules because after this game the number of ELO points owned by any player (difference = 0) does not change. The organizer of the portal charges a 10% commission only from the player who received the financial gratification.

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